Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Artist Andrea LaHue Brings Her "Random Acts Of Flowers" To Neighborhood Construction Fences




On construction fence at 320 Court Street


Construction fence on Smith Street near Douglass Street




2009 'random act' on the construction fence at 250 Smith Street



Sunflower on 340 Court Street construction fence

There is nothing more drab than a plywood construction fence. Unfortunately, since the downturn in the real estate market, some fences, such as the one surrounding the Clarett site at 340 Court Street or the one on Smith Street near Douglass Street, seem to have become permanent fixtures in our neighborhood.

However, this summer, Los Angeles-based artist Andrea LaHue has used a few fences in our neighborhood as canvas for her beautifully painted blossoms. According to her web site, the artist has painted 80 plus flowers in 33 US cities as part of her cross-country "Random Acts Of Flowers" project. She writes: "The interaction with all the communities is surprisingly the same... Flowers make everybody happy!"

Thanks, Andrea! Have enjoyed those giant blooms on my walks.

Here is Andrea LaHue's video on her work around the neighborhood.


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Mrs. G said...

The random blossoms are actually quite beautiful. Love the music that accompanies the film. Very sweet, indeed! What a wonderful thing to do.