Monday, August 30, 2010

Looking To Hire A Few Barbers On Smith Street


Sal's Barber Shop back in April 2010




Back in April of this year, Giorgio Zocco, a.k.a. Sal the Barber passed away, leaving his wonderful old-fashioned store behind on Smith Street. He had been cutting hair there for decades.
By June, the red and white sign and the awning were gone and someone was working on the space. Most, including me, were certain that someone would open a new restaurant it that location, the fate of most business locales on Smith Street. But, apparently, whoever was taking over was going to keep it as a barbershop.
That was great news. At this point, this neighborhood needs service-oriented businesses more than another restaurant, bar or over-prized boutique.

And just a few days ago, there was a clear indication that Sal's old place would keep on going as a barbershop in one form or another. A sign in the window reads "Hiring Barbers."

How cool is that?

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