Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Postcard From France: The Cat With Intriguing Eyes


Marthe, the owner of a little restaurant in our village here in France, has a very unusual cat. Not only is is white, which by itself differentiates it from the 'ordinary' multi-striped and spotted ones that roam along the countryside, this one also has two differently colored eyes: one blue, the other green.
The cat owns the dining room of the restaurant. She walks about the customers regally, occasionally allowing someone to tickle her behind the ears. Mostly though, she sits right on her favorite windowsill, near one of the tables.
That is were she was sitting when we ate at Marthe's restaurant last week. No matter how much attention we paid her, she ignored us entirely, but looked up long enough for my son to capture her beautiful, intriguing eyes.

Health Department violation, you say? Oh, here in the center of France things are just a bit looser...)



lora said...

Katia, when you get back to bklyn, see if you can do anything about letting small pets into eating establishments! it is truly a disgrace that i am unable to bring my tiny little poodle to restaurants!!

Katia said...

That's funny. They do take their poodles to restaurants here. Sure wouldn't fly in New York.