Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Postcard From France: A Very Special Day in My Village









Last Sunday, my little village in the Auvergne celebrated its annual Fête Patronale, a celebration that the whole community takes part in. It is always scheduled during the first week-end in August. Of course, my family and I always try to be here to take part in the festivities.

The event started early on Sunday morning with an open-air Mass under the most beautiful blue sky. Old and young were gathered to hear the priest's sermon. It was also an occasion to run into many friends in the community which we had not seen for the entire year. There was much catching up to do.

After Mass, many continued on to the village square, in front of the war monument, which stands next to the church. Our Mayor, together with the conscrits, those young people from the village who turn 18 this year, laid a wreath and observed a moment of silence to honor the fallen soldiers of the community.
We were all invited afterward for an aperitif served by the conscrits in the Salle de Fête, the communal party room. (Yes, 18 year olds can drink legally here in France, as it should be.)

It was all rather sweet and I was happy to be part of the festivities.

The sun gave way to angry black clouds in the afternoon, but the villagers were not deterred. By 3 O'Clock, they were busily organizing into teams for the yearly Pétanque Tournament. Of course, my husband and son took part as well, forming "Team Brooklyn" with my son's girlfriend Lucy.
Click on the ling below for pictures of the event. It was great fun.


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