Tuesday, September 21, 2010

360 Smith Street Gets" Bricked"






KSQ Architects' design for 360 Smith Street/ 132 Second Street

All spring long, construction at the controversial building at 360 Smith Street, at the corner of Second Avenue, progressed steadily. By the middle of June, the new building had reached 70 feet (plus bulkhead) and was towering over the neighboring brownstones on Second Place. In the last three weeks, crews have been applying a dark brick fa├žade to the building and most of the windows have been installed.

The design by Armand Quadrini of KSQ Architects seems to adhere closely to what was presented to the community back in February 2008. During that presentation, many local residents expressed their objection to the height and design of "Oliver House" and urged developer Bill Stein to, in particular, rethink the 70 foot glass tower at the corner of Smith Street, right above the former F train subway station. It was felt that it made the building look too industrial. However, it is unlikely that any changes were make to make the building more contextual with the neighborhood.

I suppose it could have been way worse. Originally the developer had retained the services of Brooklyn's 'Bad Boy Of Architecture', Robert Scarano. Below was his vision for that corner of Carroll Gardens. Mercifully, developer Stein and Scarano parted ways before construction started.


(picture credit: Scarano Architects)
Original design for 360 Smith Street By Scarano Architects
abandoned when the architect and developer parted ways in 2008.

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r_neg said...

But when is the regular subway entrance going to reopen???

Katia said...

Good question! Probably not before the facade is completed.

concetta said...

looks like a prison

Anonymous said...

It's not just the subway entrance that is an issue, that scaffolded corridor is scary for kids to walk alone, especially with the nights getting darker, now that fall has arrived. It's not right to have the kids cross Smith street at the 2nd Street intersection to avoid going through corridor, this isn't a good intersection to cross at. It's just not fair for this developer to impose so much on the community while giving nothing back.

concetta said...

try walking by union and court! the sidewalk used to be wide--now it's really hard to navigate between the trees and the wood wall. i'm a senior citizen with leg problems--no one seems to care! the developer stopped because of lack of funds, i just don't understand how the city allowed them to leave the sidewalk in such a state!

Anonymous said...

I hope the whole building falls over on 134 second place

Katia said...

Okayyyyy! Why would you wish that?