Thursday, September 16, 2010

Aftermath Of Tornado In Carroll Gardens



Carroll Park ball field
photo credit: C. Simmons


photo credit: C. Simmons


Clinton Street At First Place
photo credit: C. Simmons


On Clinton Street
photo credit: C. Simmons


photo credit: C. Simmons


On DeGraw Street between Smith and Hoyt Streets
photo credit: L.Paynter


photo credit: L.Paynter


photo credit: L.Paynter


photo credit: L.Paynter


On Denton Place
photo credit: Jeff Peltz

It only took a few minutes, but after a fierce storm swept over Brooklyn on Thursday afternoon, there was plenty of damage in Carroll Gardens. There are downed branches everywhere and I heard about a few huge trees that came crashing down. According to one reader, DeGraw Street was covered in sharp pieces of slate that had flown off the roof of St. Agnes Church. A friend on Hoyt Street told me that one of the windows in her 5th floor apartment just blew out.

In all my years in the neighborhood, I have never witnessed such a storm. It was rather frightening, but spectacular at the same time.

If anyone has more photos of the storm's aftermath, please send them my way and I will add them to the post.

Hope everyone is all right.

Update: Just got more photos from a backyard near Hoyt were a 100 year old tree just toppled over in the storm. According to a neighbor, the tree was about 50 feet tall and nearly 2 feet across at its base. Thankfully, it fell across a few gardens instead of landing on houses. It did take out cable and telephone wires and broke the telephone pole, which snapped like a match.

So far, no one has stepped forward to remove the tree and repair utilities.




photo credit: J. Peltz



Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that the old, huge London Planes in Carroll Park survived. I think about them every time there is a major storm. Kathleen

Katia said...

Hi Kathleen,
We just talked about that at our house as well. Maybe the London Planes in the Park are in better shape than we thought if they survived this storm.

Gary said...

The ornamental pears, not so much. I couldn't believe the damage on Clinton between 1st and 2nd last night.

I walked from Borough Hall to LICH to home without seeing anything out of the ordinary, only to be stunned by the damage on that block.

This was also before I heard about all the damage elsewhere. Crazy!

Anonymous said...

I did notice that 3rd Street took quite a hit, all the way from the canal to Prospect Park. The much of the fence at the Whole Foods site was down in several places. Tree branches were all over the side walks and the Old Stone House Park. It looks like the storm ran a line up that street.

BevD said...

After the aftermath- Old trees that are severly deteriating- are not being viewed as aging- to the forrestry department. Many occasions, many residents in Carroll Garden have phoned for old trees that are slightly bending and frailing- but the city comes and says they are doing well. It takes but a severe fierce storm as we had on Wednesday and Thursday to destroy many trees- as well as properties. Mindless to say, if it were during the day hours -where there would be commuters, children and street traffic. This is an issue that with photos and reports from whom were affected should be brought to the attention of the city. I recently spoke to a forrestry worker- he told me -well there are only 35 workers to a borough- how can we possibly get to all the needed emergency trees that are needed to be removed??
OK With all the 311 phone calls- their case numbers- which take 1 year to 2 years, which was our blocks problem. We cannot sit around and wait that length of time- Also- Forrestry -seems that it will only prune trees every 10 years- Well with the differential seasons and weather conditions coming our way- there is NO WAY- that we can wait every 10 years- when the oldest trees are frailing with weather conditions- also -towering trucks that are trafficing in our communities and destroying our tree branches from their negligance in zooming down and up our blocks.