Thursday, September 30, 2010

Greetings From South Carolina: Rain, Nothing But Rain For Days





My apologies for not posting an update for a few days.  I am still down here in Surfside, South Carolina, where it has rained off and on (mostly on) since Sunday.  That is bad enough, but last night, the wind howled, whipped up menacing waves, which tore away at the dunes.  Rather frightening, I must tell you, dear Reader.
However, even under a gray sky, this place is pretty great and I am happy to be here.  Besides, it seems that Brooklyn has been treated to the same storm.  At least, we did not get tornado warnings down here.

Is there anything I am missing in Carroll Gardens?



Anonymous said...

Not much going on

Today was actually not too bad weather wise, windy but nice temps.
(we avoided most of the forecasted downpour!)

Katia said...

Oh, good. Am glad you were spared the worst of it.
The sun finally came out again here in South Carolina. The first time in a week. And the ocean looks calmer as well.