Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lone Food Truck Setting Up Business On Smith Street's Restaurant Row?




Well, hello!!!!
The food truck selling Gyros and beef stew in front of Rite Aid on Smith Street, at the corner of President Street, was certainly an unusual sight. Though Smith Street, with its many eateries, has earned the name "Restaurant Row", this is the first time that I have seen a food truck setting up business on the strip.

The location certainly could not have been better. Commuters, heading back from Manhattan, were streaming out from the F train station at the corner.
With restaurants already having more difficulties during these financially leaner times, I wonder if Smith Street restaurateurs will welcome such competition.

Has anyone seen or eaten at this truck before? How is the food?



BrooklynMF said...

Given that dozens of these trucks, especially the mobile coffee stands are garaged in Cobble Hill it is surprising this hasn't appeared earlier. I just wonder if the Depts of Health or Parking have rules about where they can be setup?

Anonymous said...

I've been seeing more and more of these trucks in Brooklyn. I ate at one in my neighborhood and the food was wonderful. Is this the result of the RFP for one of the corners of Carroll Park? Much better than a hot dog truck!

Anonymous said...

ate there the other night. it was good, nothing amazing, but standard street meat. i have to say its great to have them in the neighborhood, and hopefully they stay open past 10pm, cause if you have a long night out and want to grab food after 10p around there, you can't....

Anonymous said...

The truck's food might taste ok, but what do we know about how safe it is to eat from there. I wonder if mobile food vendors are subject to Board of Health inspection in a way similar to restaurants, and can we access those reports online like we can about restaurants? Many highly-rated restaurants on Yelp may also have an overabundance of health department violation points so I just don't fully trust the advice of consumers.

gordon said...

"The truck's food might taste ok, but what do we know about how safe it is to eat from there."

-- kinda pointless fear mongering - have you been in NYC long? Yes carts are regulated. They're everywhere.

I'm happy to see the cart, but haven't tried it yet. I did wince at the thought that they're competing with Eton dumplings (who have to pay rent). But I am happy to think there is a quick bite available past 10 pm. Anyone spot this late night? I only tend to notice coming home from work around 7 pm (when street meat just doesn't seem like a good idea vs. other options).