Thursday, September 02, 2010

A Moment Back In Time: Three Aerial Views Of Brooklyn Heights At The Turn Of The Century

Brooklyn Bridge and the Heights 1899

The Brooklyn Bridge and the Heights in 1899

Montague Street and waterfront 1899

The Waterfront At Montague Street, 1899

Looking North East From Temple Bar Building 1912

Looking N.E. from the Temple Bar building at 44 Court Street, corner of Joralemon Streets in 1912

I just recently came across these great aerial views of of the Brooklyn Heights area, including the Brooklyn Bridge and the waterfront. It is amazing to me how much has changed and yet, how much remains the same.
I can't help it, but my favorite photo is the one taken from the Temple Bar building at 44 Court Street. If you look closely at the bottom left hand side of the photo, you can detect white shirts drying on a clothe line.

It reminded me of this wonderful old postcard I found a while back. It dates from around the same time.

A Line From Brooklyn



Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting. Just about to close on a apt on grace court.

Katia said...

Hi Anon,
Glad you like the photos and congrats on the new apartment.
Are you new to Brooklyn or have ou lived in the borough for a while?