Monday, September 13, 2010

Question Of The Week: Which Is The Best Front Yard In Carroll Gardens?


Pardon Me For Asking, but which neighborhood garden here in Carroll Gardens is your favorite?

Mine is the the one at 447 Court Street, at the corner of 4th Place, next to the private Van Westerhout Cittadini Molesi Cultural And Social Club.
It may not be the most landscaped front yard in Carroll Gardens, but by far, no garden blooms with more abundance here in the neighborhood. The profusion of marigolds, cana lilies, dalias and sunflowers, to name just a very few, is amazing.
The members of the club sure have serious green thumbs. The garden blooms non-stop from April to October. I spotted this elderly gentleman lovingly tending to it a few days ago.
I do, however, miss the giant Castor plants that used to grow in the garden a few years ago. I wonder what happened to them.

So, dear Reader, which is your favorite neighborhood garden? Please share your favorite and if you have a photo, please send it in and I will gladly publish it here.
And if yours happens to be your favorite, that's all right, too.

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