Tuesday, October 12, 2010

At The Corner Of Smith And Baltic, Action At Two Adjacent Storefronts






The short-lived "Jessie's Kitchen", at the intersection of Smith and Baltic Street, has been closed for more than two years now.  However, in the last few days, the storefront  at # 200 Smith is finally seeing some action. A plywood fence has been erected around the storefront, but a quick check on the NYC Department Of Building's web site reveals that the entire building will be undergoing a major renovation with a "proposed horizontal enlargement at 3rd floor" at an estimated cost of $60 k. ( The building already has a two story extension along the Baltic Street side.  Obviously, the plan is to expand on that extension on the third floor level.)
No indication yet on what is going into the storefront.

Right across the street, at 202 Smith Street, interior work is being done on the existing commercial space.
Until recently, the space was occupied by the A & H Tobacco And Candy store.
Most probably, we'll get yet another eatery there.



Anonymous said...

the candy store space is really small for any eatery. Is it certain the candy store will not return?

Anonymous said...

I remember when it used to be Viola. I actually liked that place.

Anonymous said...

I hope the "candy store" remains a bodega. We lost the other on this block earlier in July.

Anonymous said...

Spoke with the crew, another Bodega will move in. But given the one across the street closed this is good. Plus the original exposed enterior is looking nice.

Katia said...

Thanks for the info, Anon. We need a bodega more than a restaurant on Smith Street.