Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Back In Carroll Gardens And Boy, Is It Cold Here


One last glimpse of South Carolina before I turn my attention back to all things Carroll Gardens.
This is a shot of live oaks and cotton fields in the early morning.  I love the way the sun  filters through the massive trees.

I came back to Brooklyn late last night after a long and grueling car ride. We stopped in Washington to have an early dinner with my sister.  It was her birthday and it was great being able to see her even for just two hours.

I am amazed by how cold it got here in New York.   I certainly was not prepared for fall.  I had left the beach in my flip-flops and t-shirt, just to be greeted by freezing winds and rain.  Not fun.

I am unpacking and sorting through the mail, doing some laundry and grabbing some coffee, but stay tuned for regular posts about Carroll Gardens shortly. 


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