Thursday, October 14, 2010

Best Comment Of The Day: Charles Dickens Story Right In Brooklyn

"The owner of Palmyra's labor policies are illegal. All of those who worked in the kitchen from the days of the Olive Vine till now are illegal immigrants with no rights. The owner barely pays anything for their Social Security, and he also worked them without insurance for a long period of time. The owner ridiculed the need for a First Aid kit on many occasions and displayed few band aids as an evidence to having one. The owner refuses to register all of his workers with the labor department and they all work more hours from what he claims. Also, the owner had lied to the labor department regarding the number of hours and wages his workers make. He had also intimidated and threatened a female worker and her story with the owner itself makes you live a Charles Dickens story right there in Brooklyn.
The owner refused the advice on how to fix the worker's situation and always said that he would not make any money if he did that. 
All of this, and i did not start with talking about how clean Palmyra i, because for that alone i could write a BOOK." 



Mike R. said...


I find your highlighting of this person's unverified, anonymous comment to be irresponsible. Did you do any fact checking before posting this hearsay about Palmyra? If it's true, I'd certainly like to know, but until then I'm going to assume this post comes from a competitor trying to use your blog to slander the business.


Katia said...

Hi Mike,
I chose to post the anonymous comment for one reason only: Olive Vine, the restaurant that used to be at that location was fined for labor violations earlier this year.
The owner closed the restaurant. Shortly afterwards, Palmyra opened.
The anonymous commenter seems to suggest that the owner remains the same. That may mean that the violations continued.
I would never have posted the comment if there had not been a problem with labor violations at that location before.

Anonymous said...

The owner of the old location of the Olive Vine on Court street is the same current owner of Palmyra. Olive Vine broke in January but the owner was able to secure funds to create the new outfit but on the same old model. The work practices that were fined by the state were kept for sure and all of those work inside are illegal from day one till now. As for the treatment by the owner the example that need to be investigated is what happened between the owner and the Syrian woman cook Jamileh Ziadeh who used to work there? Charles Dickens would learn something for sure....