Monday, October 25, 2010

Best Comment Of The Day: Only Human

Anonymous has left the following comment on the post "What Happened To Gilbert, The Long-Time Fixture Ar Carroll Gardens Train Station": 
"I can’t believe how horribly uncaring people can be about other human beings. So quick to label good and bad, and to treat accordingly. Gilbert was a human being. He may have done some terrible things, he may have done some wonderful things. I have only lived here for a year and a half. I live on 2nd Street and would see Gilbert at least twice a day. The only personal experiences I had with him involved sweet comments he would make about my daughter, to which I would reply “thank you” and be on my way. To be honest, I didn’t engage him because I was a bit afraid. I had seen him in heated discussions with people from time to time, and didn’t know if he was mentally ill or prone to violence. Having an infant with me at all times has made me wary. 
The point is that when I saw the display by the subway entrance today and learned that he had died, I was sad. I was sad because a person had died. This man, like the rest of us, made choices in his life - good and bad. What purpose does speaking ill of him do now? If people want to mourn him, who are you to try to prevent that by trying to tarnish their good memories? What good could you possibly think you are doing? He's dead. If you don’t want to mourn, then go on with your day and show some respect for another human being by allowing others to mourn his loss. He may not have made your choices, or even the right choices, but he had challenges in life like the rest of us, and he lived and died, which is all any of us will ever do." 


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Jenny said...

I'm glad you decided to point out this comment. I was saddened by the negative feedback to Gilbert's passing in the previous days. Gilbert was possibly someone's father, brother, uncle, friend and we need to make light of that instead of focusing on the negative. There are many individuals in this neighborhood that I engage with on a daily basis and losing one of them is always a sad thing. Take your negativity and coldness elsewhere.