Sunday, October 24, 2010

Reader Question Of The Day:" Just Wondering..."



Reader Jackie emailed me to ask if others have mentioned the dangerous intersection at Smith Street and Second Place next to the big construction site, where school children have to cross the street by themselves every morning and afternoon.  There is a crossing guard one block away at Smith and First Street, but Jackie feels that the guard would be better positioned at the busy intersection.  Here is her email to me: 

"I'm wondering if anyone else has mentioned this.... the crossing guard at the subway?
Everyday, it boggles my mind why she isn't stationed a block south at 2nd Place. My problem with where she is, is that the majority of children who come out of the subway go to the school on Henry Street and cross at 2nd Place, a 3-way intersection in the middle of 2 construction sites! Most of the children are traveling by themselves!
It would seem that the last school that needs a crossing guard is Hannah Shanesh where just about 96% of kids are escorted by parents right into the hands of the schoolmaster (or whoever that guy is the waits by the door).
I have written to the 76th Police Precinct and Community Board 6 and got no response.
Does the crossing guard work specifically for the school? I cant figure it out but it's ridiculous. Is it just me?
Just thought i'd pass along my daily internal debate."

What's your thought about this, Readers? Do your children have to cross at that intersection?  Would it make sense to move the crossing guard to the busier and more dangerous intersection one block away?


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