Monday, October 25, 2010

Tonight, Representatives Of DEP To Give Progress Report On Gowanus Canal Facilities Upgrade Project


In August, the NYC D.E.P. published a project update on the Gowanus Canal facilities upgrade.(See below)  According to the agency "the Gowanus Facilities Upgrade is proposed to improve the capacity, function, efficiency, and reliability of the Gowanus Canal flushing tunnel system and wastewater pumping station with the aim of improving the water quality in the Gowanus Canal over the long term."

The work was started in September 2009 and will be completed by the summer of 2013. The cost is approximately $140 million.
The agency claims that the upgrade will reduce combined sewer overflows into the canal by 34%. (Why, you may ask, is raw sewage in any concentration still allowed to flow right into our neighborhood?)

Representatives of DEP will give a Progress report tonight at Community Board 6's Public safety/ Environmental Safety Committee's  monthly meeting.

PS 58 Auditorium 
330 Smith Street 
(at First Place) 
Brooklyn, NY 11231 

6:30 PM

It is important for everyone to attend this meeting. It is a great opportunity to ask the City why it still allows sewer overflow to drain directly into the canal in the first place.

2010-08 DEP Gowanus Facility Upgrade Update

page 2 2010-08 DEP Gowanus Facility Upgrade Update



gary said...

Katia, thanks for posting this. See you tonight!

Katia said...

Sure, thing, Gary.
See you tonight.