Sunday, November 07, 2010

Best Comment Of The Day: A Favorite With Longshoremen

Anonymous has left the following comment on the post "A Moment Back In Time: The Bakery On Columbia Street Now Long Gone":
"That bakery was a favorite with longshoremen from the piers as were many businesses down there. According to one old crow, that bakery was called Shfrugli or Scfrulli. Something. I have to get the actual spelling. Very popular place around Christmas. Lines out the door etc. I think the guy at Ferdinando will know. Stay tuned."



Anonymous said...

Another person who might know is this guy Chickie who runs the junk shop a couple doors down from Mazzone True Value on Court St (b/t 3rd & 4th). He's in his 80s and he grew up down around there -- he got his nickname from working at the poultry markets that used to be along Columbia. Needless to say, he's very chatty and a trove of neighborhood lore.

Anonymous said...

Ahh Chickie. I'll print the photo and show him. He's a great old guy. His shop is an old shoeshine shop. If you look inside you can see the chairs that the men would sit in. Raised up, like the old ones in Grand Central back in the day. This neighborhood is full of historical secrets.

Anonymous said...

Around 1940, NYC took photos of every building in the five counties for tax purposes. Armed with the block and lot numbers you can trot into Manhattan and buy any of the pictures, if you are really curious about the name of the bakery. Have never found the photos online, but that would cut off a source of revenue for the city.

Anonymous said...

Yes, those tax photos are a no brainer, but much more fun to hunt the facts down the old fashioined way.:)
I have a tax photo of my building. They are great and so nice to have.

Katia said...

Would love to have the tax photo of my house, but unfortunately, the role of film it should be on is missing from city archive. I have gone downtown Manhattan to the City office to look for it myself. Couldn't find it.
Too bad. Would love to have it.