Monday, November 29, 2010

Get A 'Spacial' Foot Massage And Other 'Treatmen' at New Happy 888 Spa On Court Street





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Ad from Craig's list 

Get your 30 "minuts spacial" foot massage at the newly opened Happy 888 Spa at 145B Court Street near Atlantic Avenue.  Or maybe not...  I am all for spa treatments, but I can't say I am too eager to try this place, not after a Google search directed me to one of those Asian Massage Craig's list pages .  
Turns out that one may be able to 'enioy' more relaxing 'treatmen' than the usual massage at Happy 888 Spa.  Might make some customers very happy,indeed!



Mrs. G said...

Greetings Katia,

On a light note.
On a dreary day in SC, and me being under the weather, this post made me chuckle. From the business' spelling to your write-up I LOVE IT! Thanks for the smile you just put on my face.

Katia said...

Glad I provided a chuckle. It was actually rather dreary here today as well.
Hope you feel better soon.

Bergen St. Girl said...

I was bummed I didn't get a photo of this place before it turned into a 'normal' place (I think it's a nail salon now with windows that you can actually see through.)

So, thanks for having this up!