Thursday, November 18, 2010

HBO's "Treme" Filming In Carroll Gardens On Sunday






Its not often that a show set in post-Katrina New Orleans films in Carroll Gardens. Yet, this Sunday, parts of HBO's Treme will be filmed on President Street and Smith Street.
New episodes for the second season of HBO's drama started production on November 1st and will most likely air by April.
But why Brooklyn?
According to Variety, actor James Ransone just joined Treme's cast and will have a recurring role through the second season as a New York City restaurant worker.
Maybe his character is a waiter on Smith Street????


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Anonymous said...

Not surprising they've hired on James Ransone. The show is from the creators of The Wire. There's been a lot of cast members from that show on Treme.

Treme filmed in NY last season too. One of the characters in the show had a musician son who lived in NYC so they had a lot of scenes in and around Manhattan and Brooklyn.

The season ended with one character unable to keep their restaurant going and leaving for NY I think, so it sounds like this might be that story continued.