Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Old Blankets Needed By Local Animal Shelter. Can You Help?

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Eva K. runs a local dog walking business called E&E Pets.  Currently, Eva is collecting old blankets, pillowcases, sheets and towels for Sean Casey Animal Rescue, a Brooklyn shelter.
I am sure we can all help her and the center by donating these items.  You can find her contact information on the flier above.
And if you need a dog walker,  check out her web site here.



Anonymous said...

Katia, You are a treasure trove of information! Just yesterday I found a box of blankets, towels, etc. that I must have forgotten and wondered what to do with them. I hate to just throw stuff away.... Thanks for the info! Kathleen

Katia said...

Great, Kathleen. Now they will serve a purpose. I know I have a few old towels and blankets lying about.