Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sad News: Mario Dandola of George's Potpourri On Court Has Passed Away

photo courtesy of bridgeandtunnelclub.com
Mario Dandola, A.K.A. George, in front of his store on Court Street
(photo credit: Allyn Howard)
George on Court Street
(photo credit: Allyn Howard)

George's wife Emily inside George's Potpourri's 489 Court Street location
(photo credit: Allyn Howard)

Sad news! Mario Dandola, whom many in the neighborhood will remember as George of George's Potpourri on Court Street, has passed away this past Friday. For decades, he operated his unique little china shop, surrounded by shelves upon shelves of glasses, plates, bowls and tea sets decorated with a myriad of patterns. One could spend quite a lot of time just browsing through his incredible stock, and find all kinds of fun items one could not live without.

Until recently, George's Potpourri was located at 500 Court Street, but the space was taken over by Le Petit Café next door. George relocated his store to its current location across the street at 489 Court Street.

He will be missed by many in Carroll Gardens.

Friend Allyn Howard, who knew George well, wrote a lovely tribute to him on her blog. She writes:
"It's hard to believe he won't be sitting outside his shop feeding the birds, including the maligned pigeons each day or offering an icy refreshment in the summertime. He loved being social and seemed to know about any and everything going on in the area. When I told my friend he was in the hospital, her daughter exclaimed "not the nice man with the skunks?!" He sometimes gave out little good luck skunks, made of pipe cleaner, to kids and some adults, like my mom. She's even traveled out of the country with hers. I have several myself."

For more about the man, please visit her site here.

I would truly love it if those in the neighborhood who knew him could tell us more about him.

500 Court Street, the former home of George's Potpourri
George's Potpourri at its current location, 489 Court Street


Anonymous said...

I heard he owned multiple properties including the two spaces Le Petite inhabits and the space he moved his shop to. Someone said he was a millionaire several times over and owned a yacht.... I wonder what will become of his properties. Frankly, his shop was weighing down the quality of this part of the Nab. Having said that, this guy clearly predates me in every way and im sure helped to make the nab what it is.

He seemed pleasant enough although I never interacted with him. I would always scratch my head regarding the complete and utter garbage he'd be hawking sometimes outside his store. In any event, condolences to his fam.

Allyn Howard said...

Thanks for linking to my post about George Katia!
Have to disagree with previous comment. I don't think his store was "weighing down the quality of the nab", no need for everything to be cool and overpriced. If you take time to look you can find some special pieces, just as you did w- your white dishes.
I'll miss him a lot!!

Anonymous said...

Have to say he was on that street for the last 30 years and even though his appearance wasn't the best his heart was out for every passerby. He loved Carroll Gardens and truly will be missed. He definitely did not have the $$ to be a millionaire. He sacrificed and was an honest business man. He was not out to cheat anyone.
From what I hear he grew up dirt poor and lived through a bad depression. God Bless him and his family.
Anonymous Friend

Anonymous said...

Sad news. I enjoyed stopping in at George's Potpourri at various times over the years. I never knew the owner's name wasn't George. Does anyone know if the shop will remain open?

Katia said...

Has the store been closed this entire time? I have to admit that I have not walked that part of Court Street for a while. I will make sure that I do and will try to find out what is going on with the store.