Monday, November 08, 2010

SALON RACHEL Takes Over SAGE Space On Smith Street








Until fairly recently, 136 Smith Street between Bergen and Dean Streets was the address of SAGE, a small boutique that I admit never having set foot in.  Last week, SALON RACHEL opened in the space.  When I stopped by to inquire about the new business, I was told that the salon had opened this past Friday, though frankly, it did not quite look ready for customers yet (no shampoo or towels in sight.). 
The SAGE sign is still hanging above the storefront, but will soon be replaced by a new sign.
A few years ago, the space housed Tabouleh, a Middle Eastern restaurant. Who remembers that place?

Salon Rachel
136 Smith Street
To set up an appointment, please call 347 581 8425


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Chris R. said...

I remember Tabouleh, and I miss it often! The owner was salt of the earth, his daily lunch specials were always delicious, and it had such a nice neighborhood feel. Often, when I'm in one or the neighborhood's slicker Middle Eastern restaurants, I get nostalgic for my frequent visits to Tabouleh. Thanks for preserving their memory.