Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Best Comment Of The Day: It's Ours To Lose

Anonymous has left the following comment on the post "With Scaffolding Finally Down, 360 Smith Street Now Fully Revealed":

No, let's not get over it. This is my neighborhood, where I want to raise my family, and I am investing a lot of money into buying and maintaing my property here. So I think it's up to me and other similarly minded people who live here to do what we can to protect this neighborhood from powerful developers empowered by the city, who will put profit before community and quality of life.

This neighborhood is ours to lose. All of the issues raised this year by Oliver House construction, and the attempts at expansion by Hanah Shenesh, make the argument for landmarking.

And while you are so quick to lament the loss of the parking lot on the 360 site, let's not forget that we, as a community, once had a plaza there, and the developer got to take it, and is selling the equity and pocketing the profit.



ME TOO said...

You know what, it's not just this person's neighborhood. It's mine as well. And I am sick and tired of housing stock primarily consisting of 100 year old brownstones and the crumbling infrastructure that comes with it. I want something new, something with an elevator and something that has not been lived in before and something that does not need a full gut renovation. This might be heresy to Carroll Garnders -- of which I am one, having lived here for a long while - but I am very excited to look to have some new housing stock in a neighborhood that I love.

Anonymous said...

So what IS it that you love about the neighborhood? To me, the 100 year old brownstones are a major part of what defines it.