Monday, December 13, 2010

Beastly Bites Moves Right Across To Other Side Of Court Street






Beastly Bites, one of our local pet shops, has been located at 140 Court Street, one block from Atlantic Avenue, for quite a long time. Even if you do not own a pet and never set foot in the place, you probably noticed the two fat cats sitting in the store's, basking in the sunlight, and a hand-written warning on cardboard taped on the glass window to not "tap or hit the window" to get the felines' attention.
Just recently, Beastly Bites moved just across the street to # 155 Court Street, to Rachid Music Sales' former space. A glimpse into the new pet stop reveals a rather bland, utilitarian interior that somehow lacks the charm of the old store.
I was sad that the cats, nor the old cardboard sign below did not make the transition to the new store. I hope they will follow....


melissa said...

I would think you would notice from the numerous photos of the store you posted that the name of the store is Beastly Bite, not Beasty Bites. !!!!

Anonymous said...

your copy editor missed an L

Katia said...

Hi Melissa and Anon,
How I wish I had a copy editor. Thank goodness I have attentive readers. Thanks for pointing out my mistake.