Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Best Comment Of The Day: What A Farce!


Anonymous has left the following comment on the post "200 Smith Street Gets Served With Complete Stop Work Order": 

Stop Work Order is too little, too late. The building is gone and will never come back. Maybe they get a fine, then they go ahead and build whatever they wanted to in the first place. The city is not serious in enforcing its own rules. What a farce!


Anonymous said...

The building gone is an improvement. And very inaccurate to claim can build whatever they want. Still need to maintain current footprint and the permited sq footage, etc.
Just a small family wanting to improve their home and property and investment. They have lived there for many years.
The building was a wreck

Anonymous said...

I would feel more sympathy for them if they had gone about it the right way. Instead they lied by applying for an "alteration" then demolishing the whole thing. They knew they could not get what they wanted legally so they did it illegally.

If they lived there for years and the building was a wreck, whose fault is that? How did it get that way other than through their neglect? Not much to admire in their conduct.