Monday, December 13, 2010

Big Movies For Little Kids Presents "Pippi Goes On Board"

Ah, the joys of childhood. The adventures of Astrid Lindgren's spunky character Pippi Longstocking have delighted children for decades. Here is your chance to introduce your little ones to Pippi's enduring charms.

Big Movies For Little Kids
At Cobble Hill Cinema
Pippi Goes Onboard
Monday, December 20th at 4PM

Ages: 2 and up (all ages welcome)
Location: Cobble Hill Cinemas, 265 Court Street at Butler Street, Brooklyn

Cost: $7.00 per person (as per theater policy, all walkers need a ticket)

Tickets can be purchase online at:

The last entry in the Pippi Longstocking series finds Pippi preparing to reunite with her seafaring father, who's been living as the king of a magical South Seas isle. But before bidding adieu to Tommy and Annika, Pippi throws an offbeat birthday bash, causes bedlam at a carnival, creates the world's biggest snowball and hosts an unconventional Christmas. (Sweden; 1975; rated G; color; live-action; 79 minutes)

The event is sponsored by Appaman kid's apparel. Free t-shirt for all kids attending.


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