Thursday, December 02, 2010

Comment Of The Day: Brooklyn Always Treated Like A Second Class Citizen?

Anonymous has left the following comment on the post "Public Park Or Private Enclave? Last Night's Public Hearing On Alternatives To Housing In Brooklyn Bridge Park": 

"As always, thank you Katia for keeping us informed and up to date on the issues that affect the quality of our life in Brooklyn. The fact that the biggest supporters of housing inside Brooklyn Bridge Park are either people who derive their income from it (Nancy Wester of the Conservancy) or the real estate people who spoke that night including Chris Havens who sells for Walentas and who sold the park's architect his office space, and Moishe Indig who was listed as the city's top slum lord in this week's Village Voice is enough for me to say, this is a phoney process and a real shame for the people of Brooklyn. Let's just get back to a park and forget about private housing inside of it. If the mayor wants a park he will find a way to pay for it without housing, just like every other park in the system. Why is Brooklyn always treated like a second class citizen? "

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Anonymous said...

Sounds Like Business as Usual to me.
Brooklyn is treated like paradise waiting for
that Parking Lot. Atlantic Yards, anyone?