Monday, December 27, 2010

December 2010 Blizzard Clean-Up Challenges Sanitation Department In Carroll Gardens

Stuck On Court and Sackett

Stuck at Smith and President Street

Stuck on Smith and Sackett


I did not get far on my walk around the neighborhood, but saw al least 3 stuck snow plows around the neighborhood. They had to be pulled out by a Sanitation Department Truck, like the one in the video that was stuck at the corner of Sackett and Smith Street.



Anonymous said...

Did the street finally get plowed? As of this morning, my street in Kensington has not been plowed. Not much was done around here yesterday. It was difficult getting around, numerous cars were stuck, I didn't see any plowed streets. As with your neighborhood, we were without public transportation (F & G lines). Hopefully things will improve today. What a storm! Kathleen

Anonymous said...

This afternoon, my husband helped dig out a sanitation truck on Bond at Sackett. Got it going, but it never made it way up Sackett Street--still unploughed as of Tuesday night.
These trucks were called to the task way too late in the game. There has never been such a delayed response from sanitation before. Seems we need to call for the mayor's new Emergency Management guy, Skip, to resign before the next snow hits the city.