Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Fifty Years Later, Park Slope Plane Crash Victims Get Memorial In Greenwood Cemetery

Fifty years ago, Unites Airlines Flight 826 crashed into Park Slope, extensively damaging ten brownstones and the Pillar Of Fire Evangelical Church on 7th Avenue. Six people were killed on the ground. All but one passenger on the plane perished. The lone survivor was 11 year old Stephen Baltz of Wilmette, Illinois. Tragically, he died of his injuries at Methodist Hospital 26 hours later.
Now, victims of the tragic airplane crash in Park Slope are being remembered. Together with New York Methodist Hospital, the Park Slope Civic Council,one of the oldest civic associations in Brooklyn, is inviting the public to attend an unveiling ceremony and memorial service at Greenwood Cemetery.Read On:

On the morning of December 16, 1960, 134 people tragically lost their lives when United Airlines flight 826 and TWA flight 266 collided over the skies of Staten Island. The United aircraft crashed in Park Slope, at the intersection of Sterling Place and Seventh Avenue. Green-Wood Cemetery will be honoring those individuals who perished, both in the sky and on the ground in Park Slope, by unveiling a new eight-foot memorial on December 16, 2010, fifty years to the day of the tragic crash. The granite monument will stand sentinel near the gravesite where the unidentified remains of victims have rested for half a century. This special unveiling ceremony and memorial service are co-sponsored by New York Methodist Hospital and the Park Slope Civic Council, and are free to the public. Please R.S.V.P. with Isabella Vlacci at 718-210-3024.

Memorial Service And Monument Unveiling Ceremony
To Commemorate The 50th Anniversary Of The Airplane Crash In Park Slope
Thursday, December 16, 2010,
gather at 9:45 a.m.
service to begin promptly at 10:00 a.m.
Green-Wood Cemetery main entrance at 25th Street and Fifth Avenue

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vicenza said...

my mom remembers that day--i was six months old. say a prayer for all who perished.

Katia said...

I was wondering if anyone in the neighborhood remembers that day. Would love to hear from them.
So sad.

heartfixit said...

I truly wish I could be there, I'm out of town on business. We lived at 240 7th Avenue, I was 15 months old and my mother had just passed that corner 15 minutes before with me in the carriage. I'm so glad there will be a memorial. I was saddened when they built the new building on what was an empty lot for 40 years with no remembrance of that awful day.

Chicken Underwear said...

What will Park Slope be like in another 50 years?

Katia said...

Amazing video. Chicken Underwire. What destruction...
Did you notice that one of the firefighters has a cigarette dangling from his mouth?

Anonymous said...

Two great posts about this on Scouting NY (which is a great blog btw)

and this year

Such heartfelt, touching comments.

Anonymous said...

I remember this plane crash, I was 10 yrs old then, just a bit younger than Stephen, I was in California then, an I saw the pictures in the Life Magazine, an the one that haunts me to this day, is the one of Stephen on the snow looking at the camera, an no one to comfort him, just a dazed look on his face, all alone, waiting for help,. just before CHRISTMAS, I believe he was going to his Grand Parents for Christmas, maybe home, NOT SURE, I remember the photo more than the caption under the photo, had he survived he would have been 62 yrs old, this is one very sad photo, an one taste of reality, I wish I had never tasted, a early in life bitter pill, REST IN PEACE STEPHEN, I say a silent prayer for you every CHRISTMAS, ,, Thanks for the opportunity to say this after 50 yrs,.. Rodger K. Shull , Bradford Tennessee