Tuesday, December 28, 2010

No Snowplows Yet, But Quite A Police Response To Giant Icicle On Court









There was quite a bit of excitement and a rather large police presence on Court Street this afternoon for, hold it....a giant icicle that was dangling from the cornice of number 218 Court Street. As officers closed the sidewalk in front of LOBO, the TexMex restaurant which is housed in the building, pedestrians looked up as an officer whacked the huge piece of ice with a shovel from the top floor window. After several tries, the piece finally crashed down. Quite an entertaining spectacle. Glad the icicle did not fall and hurt anyone.



Anonymous said...

I was beginning to wonder why no one would open the window and just break the icycle. Glad that common sense prevailed :)

Anonymous said...

Katia only YOU would find the goant icicle! I LOVE IT!!!!

Katia said...

Believe it or not, I almost walked by it on Court, but then saw so many people just staring across the street at the house. Of course, there were also lots of policemen.
It was quite a spectacle. Glad that icicle did not lodge into someone's head as they walked by.

Anonymous said...

How can you prevent it from happening again ?

Can an electric blanket ( something like that ) be installed on the roof so that it thaws the ice whenever it builds up.

Anonymous said...

I would say another layer of roof tar would do the trick.