Monday, December 27, 2010

Note To MTA: A Bit Of Shoveling Would Be In Order




I know that the F train service has still not quite been restored to normal, but obviously, people have been going up and down the steep staircase leading into the station at Carroll Street. As of 5 Pm tonight, the stairs were still totally covered in snow. Obviously, the MTA is in no hurry to shovel them. Let's hope that by tomorrow's commute, the employees will have gotten to it.
Just saying...



Anonymous said...

Service wasn't restored until about 10 last night, and there are signs stating no trains.

I bet once the station was open, the stairs were clear. I'd rather the MTA focus on restoring service than shoveling the steps to a station that isn't even open.

Anonymous said...

Focusing on service restoration and cleaning steps are two different issues and can be done at the same time. Also, I'm sure the MTA didn't take snowstorms into account when they fired maintenance workers this year.