Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Group Of Kids Harassing People On Dean Street?


I am not a member of the Bococa Parents Yahoo Group, since my bambinis are all grown up, but a friend who belongs just forwarded me the posting below in order to let others in the neighborhood know. It seems as though a few kids are having a bit too much fun in the snow. A group of young rowdies have harassed passers-by with snowballs and chunks of ice, prompting one young mother to file a police report. Read on:
Coming home today at 5:30PM a pack of 10 young boys attacked me on Dean between Hoyt and Bond. I am 3 months pregnant and told them that. They continued. Pushing me, throwing huge chunks of ice and snow balls at me.
Please look out for young rowdy boys throwing snowballs and yelling at people and stop and call the Police.
This is ridiculous to happen at 5:30PM on a Tuesday not to mention being pregnant.
I notice these groups of rowdy teens always walking down Dean after school. I just never thought they would attack me. Please take notice of your neighbors and be on the lookout.
When I got home after meeting with Police and filing a report our babysitter said a group of boys were throwing snowballs earlier on an older lady with a cane.
Please step up and look out for your neighbors if you see something.
Not happy with the Boerum Hill boys thinking they can take over the sidewalks and harrass people.
Has anyone else come across them?



Anonymous said...

this smells of BS to me....where's Charles Bronson?

Eitan said...

Something happened to me on Thursday Jan 13th, on Bond between Schermerhorn and State. Please Email me if you want to further discuss this.

Maybe we can attempt to set up some more security in the area.

evesimone said...

So "Anonymous" is your remark supposed to be funny? I am the pregnant lady this happened to yesterday. I am lucky that I still am carrying this precious life in my tummy and I do not appreciate your rude obnoxious remark.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I live around the corner from there and were walking by on Halloween and were attacked by a group of 10 or so kids (2-3 girls included) with eggs. It was pretty frightening as they were relentless and chased us a couple blocks. They were african american, probably 15 years old.

Anonymous said...

hi, i just left you a post about halloween, it was still light out, around 5pm.

Anonymous said...

Hey...they are kids. There is snow. Pack behaviour. Sorry it became scary, but a police report? Nothing will happen.

evesimone said...

There is a difference, snowball fights, kids I get it.
Its different when you have a pregnant lady being pushed around between a pack of 10 teens drunk and throwing snow and ice in your face to the pint I have a gash on my face.
Think about what you write if you are clueless as to what actually happened and you were not there.
I told them I was pregnant and 1 kid picked up a block of ice bigger than my head threw it in my face and pushed me down.
It became alot more than scary but thanks for your comments.

Anonymous said...

"Hey...they are kids. There is snow. Pack behaviour. Sorry it became scary, but a police report? Nothing will happen."

Right, right--they're "good kids." They're "honor students," right? Aspiring rappers, right?

Bullshit. Attacking people is animalistic, thug behavior. It's also terrifying when you're walking downwn the street and a pack of teenagers, all of whom are bigger than you, are targeting you for whatever reason--even if they're "kids," THEY NEED TO KNOW THAT'S UNACCEPTABLE. Attacking a *pregnant woman*? Are you seriously defending that? Unbelievable. File the police report. The broken window theory says if you let this go, it sends a signal that they can get away with worse.

Anonymous said...

I had something similar occur there, but it was about 5 years ago now. Truth be told, I've avoided the area since then. A group of teenage boys (white, I'm pretty sure) surrounded me and yes it was scary, and no it was not "kids being kids" and just horsing around. I'm glad you filed a police report so at least there's something on the record.

Jenny said...

This area is filled with loud teenagers just about everyday after 3pm. They get out of school and go up and down Smith St. bothering people. There used to always be cops around Bergen and Smith to keep them under control. I believe most of them go to the school on Warren between Smith and Hoyt. Most of them seem to be up to no good.

Anonymous said...

Evesimone, I am sorry you had to experience that. As a fellow pregnant woman I can only imagine how scary that was for you and even scarier that they would not stop attacking you after you told them you were pregnant. Good for you for filing the police report, I hope they will be caught so they could face some consequencs for their actions. And to anonymous with the obnoxious comment, an attack like that at any time is unacceptable and serious. For it to happen to a pregnant woman it is even more of a danger because she is carrying another life. Had she miscarried or come close it, a stupid act by teenagers could have taken a life.