Monday, January 10, 2011

Oh, Christmas Tree: At MulchFest, T'Was History In Seconds






It seemed a pity to take down our Christmas tree this week-end. It hadn't yet started to lose its needles and still looked pretty, all decorated and lit. But the holiday season was over. It was time to concentrate on the new year and leave the old behind. Besides, MulchFest , organized by the NYC Parks Department, was this week-end. It just seemed right to start 2011 green by recycling the tree.
Many in the neighborhood had the same idea and took advantage of the giant chipper that was set up on Clinton Street next to Cobble Hill Park. They drove, dragged and carried theirs to the location and then joined the small crowd of onlookers who watched in awe as the giant machine gobbled up one tree after the other and spit out mulch.
Small bags of mulch were available to take along. I'll spread mine in my garden as soon as the snow melts. (I must say though, that I was a bit taken aback by the fact that plastic bags had been printed up especially for this event. Though convenient, it didn't seem terribly green.)



Anonymous said...

... As long as you recycle this bag :)

PS: I agree with you though, not a great idea!

Anonymous said...

I just took minr down too. It is always so sad.


Anonymous said...

No one on my block cares. All the trees are piled high. I saw one car with a tree on top on its way there.
Ted & Honey must have enjoyed the noise. Why didn't they do it INSIDE the park? I never use this service because I never buy trees but I am glad it is there.