Thursday, January 13, 2011

On A Cold, Snowy Day, This Court Street Coffee Shop Becomes Perfect Neighborhood Hangout



The Cobble Hill Coffee Shop At 314 Court Street

When the wind is blowing and the snow is piled up on the sidewalk, the Cobble Hill Coffee Shop, (which everyone here knows is actually in Carroll Gardens, but never mind!) becomes the perfect neighborhood hangout for those seeking a bit of warmth and some comfort food. And that seems like everyone, regardless of age or hipness. Yesterday, as on most days, that meant a group of elderly ladies, a few mothers with young children, our local UPS delivery guys, as well as some super-cool young freelancers.
Contrary to many places on Court or Smith Streets, this eatery, once called The Donut House, does not put on airs. That's probably why it has survived so long as the local greasy spoon.

Besides, where else in Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill would you find "Filet Of Soul Almantine" on the menu?




Carol Gardens said...

This place such an improvement over Donut House. The staff is super nice and I wouldn't even call it a "greasy spoon" because the food--most of it basic diner food--is pretty darn good. And if you go a few times they remember you and treat you like a "regular". PS: The ONLY plow I saw for the first three days of the Christmas blizzard was one parked in front of this place; the driver was getting coffee!

Anonymous said...

I disagree. I miss the old Donut House-no matter how shabby it was. The "new" Donut House squeezed in WAY too many seats so on a busy day you are eating on top of people. And the overbearing owner makes this not the place to come with any kind of a hangover . . .

Lisanne said...

I like both...a coffee shop is always a comfort and thank goodness the area still has a "real" one...i actually had lunch here yesterday..grilled cheese and unlimited coffee and yes it was the perfect thing on a freezing cold day.

And the staff is the best. (isn't it the same people anyway?)

Anonymous said...

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