Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Play Freeze-Tag And Other Schoolyard Games In The Heart Of The Financial District? Heck Yea!

(photo courtesy of Levy's Unique New York)


This event has been rescheduled for SUNDAY February 6th at 12noon. All other info remains the same.

Nothing like infusing the stodgy financial world with some child's play. The folks over at Levy's Unique New York are organizing another one of their great events: schoolyard games on Wall Street. What a way to start the New Year. That should make stocks soar...

Come play Freeze-Tag on Wall Street!
Saturday January 22nd 2011
Corner of Wall and Broad Streets

Come play your favorite schoolyard games in the heart of the Financial District. Freeze-Tag, Blob-Tag, Wolf Sheep Rock, Red Rover and more. Bring a thermos of hot apple cider and we'll see you on Wall Street!
For more info, click here.


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