Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ready Or Not, Here Comes More: Chance Of Snow 100%!


Picture 9

Forecast above from Weather Underground

According to the weather forecast, we are expecting another 7-12 inches of snow tonight. Lets not complain too much. It is January after all.
I am sure that after the December blizzard fiasco, Mayor Bloomberg and the Sanitation Department are going to be on top of street plowing this time.
Lets just hope that the boobs who got stuck and blocked the streets because they thought that their cars could drive through any snow drift will stay home tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Any idea when in the world they're going to start collecting recycling?!

Anonymous said...

It wasn't the boobs driving that were the problem, it was the boobs who were supposed to be clearing the snow. If the streets were plowed as they should have been there would not have been cars blocking them. Let's get the cause and effect right.

Anonymous said...

NO: the boobs that were driving AND the boobs who were supposed to be clearing were both the problem!

The snow came down hard and fast, people that drove that night, got stuck.

You cannot plow 100% of the NYC in matter of minutes, think about it.

Melissa Sarno said...

I wish someone would pick up the recycling too! My street looks like a show covered dumpster right now. Everyone had their recycling out with great hopes. Sanitation fail...

Anonymous said...

The streets were not plowed whether or not cars were blocking them. That was an excuse put forth by the boobs who were supposed to be clearing the snow were not doing their jobs. Cause and effect. Get it. Are you one of those boobs who were not doing their job or are you just creating/promoting propaganda to excuse their incompetence?