Sunday, February 06, 2011

After Snow, Ice, And Rain, Carroll Gardeners Enjoy Warmer 'Sun'day





After weeks of snow, ice and rain, Carroll Gardens seemed to awaken this Sunday. Many in the neighborhood were taking advantage of the sun and milder temperature to spend some time outdoors. Whether sitting in front of a café, skateboarding next to PS32 or taking a turn on the tire swing in Carroll Park, everyone seemed happy to chase the winter blues away, even if only for one day.

Could Chuck, the Staten Island groundhog, have been right about an early spring? Though there is probably more cold weather in the immediate forecast, the first signs of spring are undeniably in the air.

Just look at the buds on this little dogwood in Carroll Park.



And how about these daffodils beginning to pop out of the ground at the corner of Union and Bond Streets.



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Mom said...

Hi Katia, Hooray for the dogwood and the daffodils. and Home Sweet Home. Thanks for the great visit.