Thursday, February 24, 2011

Anything But High-Tech Telephone Wiring In Brooklyn Back Yard



The jumble of telephone wires in my Brooklyn back yard, as in most I am sure, is rather amazing. They come from every direction, snake over fences and through trees and merge into a box, which is suspended from a wooden pole. The system looks anything but high tech. One wonders how calls gets through at all.
And when someone needs to add a line, a 'technician' from the telephone company, like the one above, needs to climb the pole and make sense of it all.
How very quaint. One is astounded that wireless service was ever invented.



Anonymous said...

And to think we don't live in a third world country!!!
Or do we??????

Katia said...

Well, sometimes it sure seems like it. Just think of the Gowanus. We live next to an open sewer, don't we?

Anonymous said...

yes, agreed, we need to be humble.

Talking about third country, it makes me think about corruption like this for instance:


Anonymous said...

Katia clothes your curtains you might wake up to find a peeping tom!!!

Anonymous said...

The cable boxes used to be in the yards. Never was anyone home to let the guy into the yards. It would take days. the lines for the telephones were always being cut by a crazy person in their yard. Then, would refuse access to the yard to the repair people. My neighbors had no landline telephone service for weeks. Usually they do the repairs thru the boxes on Hoyt Street. He we are in a third world country: Brooklyn. :)