Monday, February 07, 2011

Carroll Gardens: A Neighborhood Worthy Of Protection



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I recently wrote an op-ed piece for the Carroll Gardens Patch on the importance of landmarking more of our unique brownstone neighborhood in order to maintain it for future generations.
Thought you may want to read it in case you haven't yet.

by Katia Kelly on Carroll Gardens Patch

For decades, the Brooklyn neighborhood now known as Carroll Gardens, has been a quiet residential enclave, a time capsule of beautiful mid-1800's brownstones. Its unique, charming front gardens offer a wonderful feeling of space, air and tranquility and provide a sense of relief from the turmoil of city life. The fact that today, Carroll Gardens retains much of its 19th century atmosphere and charm is a testament to the thoughtful and visionary planning by surveyor Richard Butts, who understood what made a neighborhood livable.

Today, Carroll Gardens is one of the oldest planned communities in the United States.It is therefore surprising to many that only a very small section of this unique neighborhood is landmarked.

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