Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Creep Slashes Tires Of Multiple Cars Parked Along Carroll Park, But Police Hands Out Parking Ticket Anyway







Last night, some creep slashed the tires of quite a few cars which were parked on along Carroll Park. A President Street resident reported that at least 10 cars on either side of the block between Court and President Streets has flat tires. Later reports suggested that more cars on the Court and Carroll Street sides of the park were also attacked.
The 76th Precinct was informed and a police car was on the scene.

When I walked past 20 minutes later, a policewoman was issuing a parking ticket to the Mini Cooper above because of Alternate Side Parking. I stopped to talk to the officer, pointed to the flat tire and explained about the slashing. "Oh, I know about it." I suggested that maybe, it was rather cruel to give the owner a ticket under the circumstance. She hesitated for a second but then said that since she had already started filling out the ticket, she needed to finish writing it.

In any case, if you are the owner of the blue Cooper, please feel free to use my photos to fight the ticket.



Laura said...

Good for you. This is absurd.

Anonymous said...

What a typical response. Can't waste those paper tickets.
Slashed? Really? How 70s.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't the Mini driver stay with the vehicle? It looks to me as if they were going to leave the car there regardless.

The least they could have done is leave a note, otherwise what do they expect? Everyone knows parking cons, I mean cops, have no sympathy.

Mom said...

i'm with laura -- thanks for trying, katia, and it IS absurd. the situation was obvious and i don't think a note would have made any difference.

Anonymous said...

I was walking my dog tues morning and noticed a few cars with flat tires along Clinton street between President and 1st. I didn't really think much about it cause of all the potholes and it being winter, but I guess there is a serial tire slasher out there.

Anonymous said...

"since she had already started filling out the ticket, she needed to finish writing it."

Do they teach this BS response in traffic cop school? That's the same response I got from a traffic cop writing me a ticket when I arrived literally 1 minute after a "no parking" regulation took effect.