Sunday, February 27, 2011

Everyone Slightly On Edge After Young Woman's Sexual Assault In Gowanus Area




From Park Slope, to Gowanus and to Caroll Gardens, the one subject on everyone's mind over the week-end was the sexual assault of a young woman in the Gowanus area. The attack on the 22-year-old happened at 9 AM on Friday in a bakery where she works.

On Third Avenue, between Carroll and President Streets, a group of local residents were standing in front of a social club, discussing the matter, while two police women taped "Reward" posters on street lights.
"What a shame" one of the residents said.



Anonymous said...

what a stranger sexually assaulted her or a co-worker? Horrible.

Anonymous said...

The article I read said "sexual assault", then later in the piece said "rape". OK so which is it or are we supposed to take a sexual assault as a rape or are they watering it down? A peson can be sexually assaulted withput being raped. Both horrid, yes. People are desparate. I'm sorry for the victim expecially when they say "treated and released". Released into a life of fear and shame is more like it. I am so sorry. I hope she is OK and with freinds and family and proper understanding.

Katia said...

When I asked the two police women if the posters were in response to the young woman who had been raped, they corrected me and said that she had been 'sexually assaulted."

No matter what, it certainly was a traumatic experience for the young woman.

cathryn said...

I spoke with a friend who is a retired "law enforcement officer" and I also mentioned the distinction between sexual assault and rape. She said sexual assault IS rape. (I agree whatever the distinction - or not - both are terribly sad and tragic.)

People ARE desperate, that's true. Yet our Mayor keeps cutting the most basic services that people on the edge will truly need.

Very sad. I didn't realize it was in Gowanus. I thought it further into Park Slope.

Thanks for the info.

Katia said...

Hi Cathryn,
Thanks for the clarification. That's what I thought.
The assault did take place in the Gowanus area, though it was first reported as having taken place in Park Slope.
Actually, it happened near where I took the photos.

Anonymous said...

It's not about the neighborhood - any and every isolated place without a lot of people passing by frequently is going to be dangerous for women. Please please don't assume you're safe because you spent a lot of money to live on an empty, industrial type block. We often read about attacks in the very best neighborhoods whether here or other cities.

Katia said...

I agree with you, Anon. If someone means to do harm, it doesn't matter to him/her to whom or where.
The attacker will look until he finds a victim, no matter whether it be Gowanus, Park Slope or the Upper East Side.