Monday, February 28, 2011

Film Biz Prop Shop In Gowanus: A Very Addictive Place















In some ways, I wish I had never heard of Film Biz Prop Shop, because after one visit, I may very well already be addicted to this place.
For those who have not yet heard about this great new addition in Gowanus, "Film Biz Prop Shop," is a not-for-profit business that recycles props and set decorations donated by motion picture, TV or commercial production companies. It moved into the basement of 540 President Street between 3rd and 4th Avenue this past December. The new space is huge.

This Sunday, I spend an inordinate amount of time wandering through the rows of fun "junktique" furniture, lightning, linens, mirrors and art as well as some fun oddities such as a tombstone and an electric chair. I ended up with a set of champagne flutes and a great wooden bowl and a ceramic dish from Japan.

Since the Prop Shop gets more great stuff all the time, a girl could seriously get obsessive about the place. It's that good. I'll probably be heading back there later in the week. See you there?



Jim said...

Love it, but I can't get my wife out of there once we go in.

Katia said...

Jim, my husband looked a bit pained himself when I told him about it.

Mrs. Limestone said...

How did I not know of this place?? I need to go to there.

Katia said...

Yes, you do, Ms. Limestone. And pronto!

Anonymous said...

The waste in the film and tv industry is legend. Everything here is diverted from the trash heap/landfill.
Most outside of the industry do not know of it even tho it has had press in L magazine and on some news channels and magazines.Worth spending money here and keee up the green karma.

Allyn Howard said...

This is great to know about! looks like they get a lotta fun stuff :D It's true, so much waste in industry, wish more spaces could recycle wood and re-use built sets, at least small ones!