Thursday, February 10, 2011

Neighborhood To Lose LICH After All?


It would appear that we may lose our neighborhood hospital after all. Long Island College Hospital has been part of this community since 1858, but the last few years have been unkind to this institution. After a disastrous merger with Continuum Health Partners, which bled LICH dry and sold off millions in real estate owned by the hospital to funnel the money to its more prestigious Manhattan institutions, the medical facility was ready to fold in 2008.

A divorce from Continuum and a merger with SUNY Down State Medical Center was supposed to safe LICH. This now looks unlikely. According to an article in today's NY Times, Governor Cuomo's administration is delaying the $22 million dollars in state grants to help finance the merger. The delay may mean that LICH will run out of money by mid-March.

Though certainly not the most up-to-date medical facility, this growing community needs LICH. It is unrealistic to think that Methodist Hospital can absorb all the overflow or that everyone will be able to make the trip into Manhattan in an emergency.

From The New York Times:



Anonymous said...

Very sad news to hear. I live in the Slope and Methodist is so overcrowded I always go to LICH. All my doctors are there. I hope this does not happen as many people will loose jobs as well as the impact to service providers along Atlantic Avenue(labs) and other business in the area. Bad call by the governor if this happens. We bail out wall st and corporations, why not a hospital?

Anonymous said...

Help save LICH! Call, write, email the governor! I just took my child there a few weeks ago and received excellent care in their dedicated pediatric ER! You can call the governor at (518)474-8390 or email him at the following link:


Yassin said...

Please help save LICH

Call the governor: (518)474-8390

write, email the governor:

It'll take seconds to change the lives of thousands