Wednesday, February 09, 2011

New 4-Story Building For Corner Of Smith And DeGraw







A new 4 story, 4 unit building is planned for the corner of Smith and DeGraw Streets. The architect for the new construction at 337 DeGraw Street is Darris Krumpus of Borough Architects and the contractor is Jepol Construction of Woodside.
The building will be 60 feet wide and will have 4 units. No mention of a commercial space at ground level.
An old garage that once stood on one part of the lot at 337 DeGraw has been taken down a while ago and in June 2010, the side lot windows of the house next door were cinder-blocked off.
As the heavy construction equipment and new fence would indicate, construction will soon start in ernest.

A quick glance at Borough Architects' web site would indicate that the new building will most probably sport lots of glass.

Thanks to the 2010 Carroll Gardens Contextual re-zoning, there is a 50 foot height limit on the new construction.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that the Carroll Gardens rezoning passed so that the height and FAR of this lot, in Cobble Hill, steps from a supermarket, on a major thoroughfare with a train running directly underground, was restricted.

Think of the horrible development patterns that might have developed if we hadn't fought to keep high-density buildings away from mass transit and easily walkable public services!

Carol Gardens said...

I agree with your faux sentiment.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it.
The comments.
Anyway. Thanks for researching this BORO
project. I like their work but may seem out of context
with ye olde smithe street. Like that buliding over the Bergen subway entrance. But maybe if it's flat enough and uses decent materiel I can tolerate it.

Anonymous said...

hi katia thanks for writing abut the 337 degraw street . I am the owner of the building the building will be 20 feet wide only by 50 feet and the facing of the building will be brick .if you have any Qs ask for mike 646-784-4539 thanks