Tuesday, March 22, 2011

360 Smith Near Completion... And F Train Subway Entrance Is Almost Done

360 Smith Street


Building and subway entrance
The F train subway entrance at 2nd Place

Almost completed

360 Smith Street as seen from Smith and First Place
Hannah Senesh School is in the foreground.

The view from Carroll Park at Carroll Street


And as seen from the backyard
(photo credit: Tim)

Picture 7

Ironic isn't it?
'360 Smith' the new, non-contextual building in Carroll Gardens, advertises with photo of historic, land-marked Cobble Hill carriage houses on its web site.

In the last few days, part of the construction fence at 360 Smith Street came down on the Second Place side, revealing not only what will be the building's main entrance, but also the long awaited entrance to the F train station which has been closed since construction on the building started in September 2009. Delays made a February re-opening of the station entrance impossible, but it now looks as though it really won't be long any more. I bet many commuters will be very glad about that.

As for the 360 Smith Street building itself, it is as imposing on the surrounding street scape as many in Carroll Gardens had feared. At over 70 feet, it towers over the neighboring brownstones. The white stucco'ed back of the building, as seen from First Place, is especially uninspiring and non-contextual.

'360 Smith', as it will be called, now has its own web site as Brownstoner noted two weeks ago. The site announces an opening for Spring 2011, but doesn't contain any other information yet. Strangely enough the photos on the site include a shot of the beautiful carriage houses at Veranda Place in Cobble Hill. What joke.
Rumor has it that the much discussed building went rental. It will be interesting to see how much the apartments will go for.

Take a look at a series of photos of the building slowly rising over the last two years from one of the rear-facing buildings on First Place. They were taken by reader Tim.



magoo said...

the pics are as 'ironic' as the hipsters moving in.

Anonymous said...

i have a feeling the people renting these large units will be those who can't commit or afford to buy one of the neighboring historic townhouses.
so, no hipsters for sure. mom and dad and baby and rescue dog.

Anonymous said...

All I think of when I see these large buildings go up is - where are all these kids going to go to school? The schools in this neighborhood are crowded already...