Friday, March 25, 2011

American Apparel On Smith Street Could Use Some Help With Its Window Display








Granted, my days as a fashion designer on 7th Avenue go back a long time now, so I am not be au courant with the latest styles as I once was, but in the last few weeks, every time I walk past the American Apparel on Smith Street, the window mannequins are wearing such mismatched, frumpy outfits, that it looks a bit like a second hand store.
The retailer's second neighborhood location on Court Street in Brooklyn Heights doesn't look any better. I checked yesterday.
Is it just a Brooklyn thing? Do the windows of the Manhattan locations look better?

Don't get me wrong, I actually like American Apparel's simple cotton basics. Somehow, though, the window displays on Court And Smith seems to miss the mark and don't seem to reflect the clean style of the merchandise in the store.

Any thoughts?



Jim said...

Given the problems they have with Dov Charney, their CEO, I think that the windows are the least of their troubles.

Landlord said...

The little girl looks like michael jackson.

Anonymous said...

With the turnover at this store Im surprised it still is in business.