Thursday, March 10, 2011

Best Comment Of The Day: Lame 311 Sometimes Does Come Through


Anonymous the following comment on the post "Who's Leaving Leftovers At Clarett's 340 Court Street Site?":
Speaking of the lame 311, I must admit that that service finally came thru or was a coincidence, not sure. I have ben complaining about the house 2 doors away from DIEGO for YEARS. They feel that they are above the trash laws and just let it pile up for weeks, don't recyle, lazy tenants barbeque in the yard and walk buy non-plussed by their piles of trash. etc etc. One day I was walking by and a sanitation worker was slapping a ticket on them! It still took days for them to actually sort their trash,albiet they but glass and paper in one bag... but, maybe this time they will actually start doing it right. And with warm weather approaching I'm not into another summer of smelling and seeing their rotting trash.


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