Friday, March 11, 2011

Best Comment Of The Day: Oysters, Fritters And Martinis

Anonymous has left the following comment on the post "Brooklyn Retro Ad: Gage And Tollner":

I started going to G&T in the '70s under the old, old management. I'm not sure what made you think the ad features Eisenhower. Back before Chirico owned it, waiters were still wearing the same style uniforms from the 1890s and there were military type stripes and stars on their sleeves to indicate their rank and how many years the waiter worked there - and there were many in at least their third and fourth decade working there. Every one was a black man, as it was when the restaurant opened. They were elegant and attentive and knew their business. The head waiter played the piano. Definitely it's own culture. From what I understood, it was the original menu was from 1890s as well. My favs were oysters in milk with hot crispy corn fritters (syrup on the side) and an ice cold dry gin martini.

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