Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Moment In Time: Smith Street Biker


Just sitting on his Harley,
soaking up the sun
watching the world go by.


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Anonymous said...

I dealt with this realty company several years ago. If this Angela Vita is a good, honest realtor, that is good to hear. But when I dealt with this company years ago, it seemed then that they were dealing with certain landlords who were just awful and vindictive. Maybe it is a good thing for Angela Vita to start off fresh, with a new set of realtors. Hopefully, they can be more trustworthy and honest than the batch from previous times. Good luck to Ms. Vita, and if anything can be learned from the past, then please choose better people and much better landlords, not just some neighborhood fixtures who think they are Godlike and can do what they want to tenants. Good luck again starting off fresh.