Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Reader Question Of The Day: Are There Any Book Clubs In The Neighborhood?


Reader Loren contacted me to help her find a reading group/ book club to join here in the neighborhood. She writes: "I'm looking for a group that reads great fiction - new and/or old. But I'm open to what's out there. I look forward to having people to talk about my books with!"
So please everyone! If you belong to, know of or want to put together a book discussion group, lets hear from you. Loren and I appreciate it.



Nicholas K said...

I think the folks at BookCourt might run a book club.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes. The person wondering about artists moving in
will most likely not be organizing a book club. People don't read here in Carroll Gardens. ;) or create. We just buy brownstones and drive to Fairway. Anyway, there was an article somewhere about the amount of reading going in on the F and L trains. And Twitter even has a "seen reading" person to folow. I don't think people have time for book clubs.

Anonymous said...

A book club in CG is a nice idea, but execution is another matter. A few years ago I joined my alma mater's book club...once a month...as a way to make myself start reading books again. I made it through two books and two meeting but reluctantly dropped out due to lack of time to devote to reading an entire book. A terrible thing for an English major...sad but true.

Unknown said...

Freebird Books have a post-apocalyptic bookclub


JM said...

BookCourt does have a monthly fiction book club. Email Anna at bookcourtbookclub@gmail.com to get on the email list. Next meeting is on April 13 and we're reading Sister Carrie by Dreiser.